Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August 16, 2018

Welcome back to the new school year, 2018-2019! It has already been a week full of activities and getting back into the routine of things. This year we are lucky to have 4th/5th combination class which means the "old timers" get to help our newcomers how things are done in Mrs. Lee's class. No time has been lost, it seems like! Students already know one another well and it almost seems as if they've been together for a year!

Thank you for your attendance at the Back to School for those of you who could make it. I look forward to meeting the rest of my parents soon!

Looking forward,

Nicole Lee

Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy New Year! - Jan. 13, 2017

I hope you all had a wonderful break! I took a trip to Grand Canyon with my family and saw the sun rise over the South Rim in 6 degree frigid weather!! It took me the following week to recover from the cold! Before we went on the break, we enjoyed a wonderful winter party with hot chocolate in our individual cute mugs and popcorn. (Thank you for your support and Mrs. Wang, for all your hard work!) 

Today, we also learned about Martin Luther King Jr. this week. We discussed the importance of the "Content of Our Character" and not judging others by what we see on the outside.

We cracked brown and white eggs as an object lesson to realize that we are all the same inside (our content of character) regardless of the color on the outside. We all have both good and bad charaand the only way to get to know what someone is like on the inside is to spend time with the person and not judge someone by the appearance on the outside only.

What have we been learning?

If you could be a fly on our wall, what would you see?


You would see anchor charts to remind us some reading strategies we have been learning. We also learn clue words/transitional words that may help us comprehend better.


 We learned about pueblos, ranchos and presidios.

Tying our social studies and reading strategies of cause and effect to read and discuss about the cause and effect of the Mexican War. 


Our winter art turned out great!!


We continue to add to our writing portfolio board! We do Paragraph of the Week and go through the process of writing weekly and also incorporating google docs and inserting relevant images!

Classroom News

1/19/ Thursday: Spelling Bee at 8:30
1/26/ Thursday: In house "Walk Through California" Field trip
2/7/Tuesday: Special Olympics at Granada High School in Livermore

Friday, November 4, 2016

Week 12

I trust that your Halloween was enjoyable! Just a reminder...

- No school on Friday, Nov. 11 for Veterans Day. Enjoy your three-day weekend!

- Please check out Mrs. Lee's blog! If you go to Lydiksen Elementary Website and click on staff directory and then my name, it'll directly take you to my blog. On it, you will see some resources you can access as well as some pictures of what's going on in the classroom. The pictures in the portfolio section is under construction, but you'll get the idea :).

- We are studying about the Early People in California and did some sand painting this week! We will continue to learn about the Chumash, Cahuilla, Miwok and Hupa. Please check out the hyperdocs on the blog about the Early People. 

- We continue to study Earth Science. 

- In reading, we have covered the reading strategies of Finding the main ideas, details and sequences. We will study about cause and effect next week. These reading strategies will be taught and assessed and eventually will be repeated as the students progress up on their reading levels. It's exciting to see their growth. Please continue to encourage them to read!!

- We are going through Eureka Math. We have students at different levels, so please feel free to email me if you have any questIons regarding their progress and/or content. Please continue to practice IXL. It's wonderful to see EVERYONE's hard work and progress on the website!

Enjoy your weekend!
Nicole Lee

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week 11

Class News for the week of 10/31/16

The Halloween parade will start at 8:30 on 10/31. We will also have a Halloween Party right before lunch from 11:30 until 12:10 PM. We will be decorating our pumpkin characters. If you wish to have your child accessorize it, please bring in the materials by Monday, 10/31.

- Parent Conference is approaching soon. If an IEP meeting was held in the month of September/October or your child's IEP is coming up soon, I will not need to meet with you unless you would like to. Please email me to let me know if you would like to schedule a conference.

- We are studying Earth Science unit. Here, we did an activity learning about sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock using Starbursts!

- We are preparing our pumpkin characters. We're writing a descriptive poetry using our characters. We'll complete decorating these creations on Monday, 10/31.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Class News 9/1/16

Our first few weeks of 4th grade have come and gone and we are off to a great start.

Here are a few reminders as we get our year started:
1. If you did not turn in the white Field Trip Authorization form handed out at Back to School Night, please send that back to school as soon as possible.

2. Please be sure you have signed your child's planner during the first Trimester to help monitor homework and hold your 4th grader responsible. This will stop after Trimester 1.

3.To join the online student directory and donate to your student's classroom supplies, go to Lydiksen FutureFund: https://lydiksen.futurefundapp.com  For information about the Lydiksen Parent Faculty Club (PFC) check out the Lydiksen PFC webpage:www.lydiksenpfc.org

Curriculum Update

For the first couple of weeks, we took a few informal reading assessments to accurately gauge what our reading levels were. Based on each individual student's reading levels, students now know which books are within their ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) where it maximizes their understanding and comprehension level and challenges them to the next reading level. (For further information on ZPD, click here ) Throughout the language arts block time, we rotate through the Daily 5 to cover reading comprehension, fluency (Read Naturally), accuracy, writing and independent reading.

We have also set up the Accelerated Reader so that when the students have completed reading, they can access the website to take a quick short quiz and track their progress. As their data increases, AR will suggest appropriate scaffolding reading levels. Based on this data, you can also assist your child in getting appropriately leveled texts by accessing here to find appropriate books.

Please make sure your child is completing his/her 20 minutes of nightly reading. As I've mentioned before, this is one of the only main homework assignments along with the math practice on IXL.

Word Work
We have also assessed and found where your child's phonemic/phonics progress is using the Words Their Way program. Words Their Way® is a program that takes a developmental approach to phonics, spelling and vocabulary instruction. It provides K-12 teachers with instruction and word lists that correlate to students’ developmental stage of word study. Students receive differentiated spelling words focusing on patterns, rules, prefixes/suffixes, and root words right at their individual levels. 

The introduction of our Math series, Eureka Math, has helped the students to learn basic mathematical procedures. We began Module 1, which focuses on Place Value and Number Sense. Please remember that there are a number of helpful math resources linked to our classroom website, including videos, newsletters and answer keys, and games to practice/review. During the math rotation block, we access ZEARN and IXL to meet each individual learning levels and needs. ZEARN is a website that's appropriately paired with the current math curriculum, Eureka Math. For example, as we are going through the Place Value module, your child will have individually and appropriately leveled assignments to reinforce what is being taught in class.

Social Studies
Our first unit of study will focus on California geography and maps. We will cover the equator, prime meridian, the earth’s hemispheres and lines of latitude and longitude. For the first quarter, we will cover the Early People in California covering from the early European settlement all the way up to the Mexican War and how the Mexican rule affected California.

Students attend Science Lab twice a week with Ms. Farahmand. We will begin our Earth science unit soon, as well as our hands on new program Project Lead the Way that will reinforce science standards and foster collaboration and creativity amongst peers.

Important Dates To Remember
September 2nd: College Day (themed spirit dress up day)
September 5th: Labor Day/ No School
September 8th: Picture Day
September 30th: Progress Reports (for those needing them)

October 5th: Pumpkin Fun Run
October 19th: Picture Retake Day
October 28th: Teacher Workday/ No School
October 31st: Halloween Parade/Party/ Minimum Day